What's Inside Your Membership Access

  • One spot access to a variety of coaches, healers, and therapists

  • POWERFUL weekly "Life Work" assignments and Transformation Tools

  • Supportive Community based learning including, live Q & As, journal prompts, webinars, workbooks, guided meditations, astrology & tarot readings, group classes as well as optional monthly group coaching calls on zoom

  • Integrated whole-person approach to healing and transformation

  • Direct access to your favorite coaches for one monthly price

  • Affordable healing space of learning for ALL PEOPLE

  • Weekly Guest Speakers giving you even more access to effective practices to support your wellness journey

  • Opportunity to work with your favorite coaches 1-1

  • Aligned Soul Tribe of humans who are healing and making transformation moves

  • Topics covered: relationships, stress management, parenting, men's emotional health, addiction, self esteem, career success, money mindset, energy healing, narcissism, astrology, manifestation techniques, reiki, self love, nutrition, fitness, grief and loss, and so much more!!

Our Community

Collectively we specialize in a variety of areas including:

  • stress management 
  • health & fitness
  • love & relationships
  • communication 
  • addiction and coping skills
  • parenting/ being a working mom 
  • inner child healing
  • men's intimacy & connection
  • astrology & tarot
  • emotional freedom technique
  • law of attraction & manifestation
  • spirituality practices

As transformation experts with many years of experience, we will bring a unique and collaborative perspective to your healing journey! One that we know will give you the greatest chance for success, and one that will enable you to be a member of a strong community of individuals who are invested in

  • overcoming obstacles
  • reclaiming his/her power
  • finding work/life balance
  • improving relationships
  • feeling really good
  • finding more peace and happiness
  • healing deep childhood wounds  
  • encouraging and supporting others
  • enjoying massive success in all areas of life!

The Community Speaks:

The Vision & Our Mission

This community was developed with the heart felt understanding of how stressful it can feel to find the best fit coach for your needs.


Our vision is to streamline your access to the right coaches, help you build the support community you've been looking for, and introduce you to as many experts who will help you align and expand into the most vibrant, authentic, and dynamic life you could ever imagine!

The Way It Works

Simple Format Big Impact

Every day has a theme in order to keep you focused, learning, and accountable to the changes in your life that you seek. 3 days a week, one of the coaches will be taking over the group to share powerful information, provide you with life work assignments, and answer any questions you may have!

Meet Coach Brittany

Brittany is your resident relationship & intimacy coach, specializing in healing dysfunctional interpersonal relationships. Watch below as she shares why she and the other coaches created this space for you!

Meet Coach Miriam

Miriam is your resident stress management coach, who is ready to give you all you need to create peace and harmony in your whole being from a mind, body, soul approach. Watch below as she explains why this space is amazing and why you should join us here!


  • What if I already have a therapist or coach?

    Then, this is actually the perfect addendum to the work you are already doing. CHS was created to be in collaboration with a deeper journey with a coach or therapist. Although our members are having success just from the group, it was designed to spark a more personal journey with access to a variety of coaches at your choosing!

  • Is the group just live meetings on a schedule or are their recordings that I can listen to on my own time?

    Both! Every week Miriam, Brittany, and the guest speaker show up live at a scheduled time. All of these conversations are also saved in our resource folder. We currently have over 50 and growing binge-worthy mind expanding videos to watch!

  • Is there option for 1-1 coaching?

    Most certainly! Firstly, this is why we created CHS. We wanted our members to get inspired by us or our guest speakers and initiate a healing journey that feels the most appropriate for their next leg. We also have monthly Activation Sessions where we do group coaching within the membership space for our Advance Membership. This group session helps our members activate the lessons they have been learning and integrating during their time inside CHS.

  • Do you serve men/non binary or only women?

    YES, YES, and MANY MORE YESES! We acknowledge that the health and wellness industry generates a large gap for people of color as well as men and non binary individuals. We created CHS to be inclusive so that all people have access to affordable YET powerful healing and transformation!

  • What do I get for $19/month exactly?

    Our first suggestion is, $19 is worth the gamble to find out! If you don't love it, then you can always cancel your membership. It is hard to explain the energy exchange that happens; however the tangible "things" you receive are: - 2 consistent coaches who do lives weekly - 1 new or return guest speaker weekly or a conversation that highlights a different school of thought from your regular "resident coaches" - Saved conversations to watch on your own schedule - ability to ask questions in advance to be included in weekly conversations - accountability - community - freedom to explore varying modalities of healing at a low and affordable cost prior to purchasing a next level coaching package or program - supplemental resources for your therapeutic journey - daily prompt to explore - 7 days a week of community support A WHOLE LOT!!!!

  • Is the advance membership really worth it?

    YES! For $49/month you get monthly accessibility to our resident coaches who can help inspire you, motivate you, activate you into doing the very thing that will help you get unstuck and propel forward. PLUS all of the perks of being a member! SO yes, we definitely say yes!

  • Can people outside of the group see what goes on inside the group?

    No. The membership is set to the private feature. Only members can have access to the content and conversations inside. If Miriam and I share a conversation outside of the group for marketing purposes, then we remove all identifying markers so our members remain anonymous! We deeply respect the safety of our space!

  • Is it only on Facebook or can I access the membership somewhere else?

    Currently yes. We do have a podcast where you can tune in to some of the conversations that we have inside, but without all of the added perks and bonuses. Nevertheless, we do have plans in the near future to find a space where our membership can live full time outside of Facebook! Stay tuned :)

Meet Some of Our Guest Speakers

Every Week We Bring You Another Healing Professional To Help Guide & Support All Aspects of Your Journey

Chad Pharnichyakul, LMFT- Addiction Sepcialist

Our Members Are LOVING This Space

The investment is incredibly worth and a no brainer, but don't take it from us, read the screenshots below from real members who are in the spot and doing the work!

Your Membership Options

Start off with a basic membership or upgrade to our Advanced Membership which gives you all the perks of the basic membership PLUS one monthly face-face group coaching session via Zoom!


The ADVANCED MEMBERSHIP will help you reach your goals much faster and here is why:

The benefits of having a group coaching session is having the ability to get your specific questions answered, personalized guidance for the life work assignments, and any other direction you may need. As well as learn directly from the experience of others, feel a deeper level of connection with other advance members, and have access to all of the sessions in a recording that you can take on the road and re-listen to! These group coaching sessions are powerful ways to feel the energy and magnetism of group work. The powerful healing vortex created in a live group call triples the effectiveness of the healing and transformation process!