The Feminine Way

Unlock Your Vision: Envision a life where you decide what you want, and you naturally call those experiences and people to you effortlessly. Join our exclusive community of empowered women, where overwhelm transforms into empowerment, and self-doubt fades into self-trust.

Connect To Source: It's time to remember who you are, embody your higher self, heal self-sabotage, and to be fully present with the flow of life. And this membership will help you tap into the deep well of feminine wisdom, held within you, that aches to be your guide to love & fulfillment!

Transform Your Relationships: Elevate romantic and personal connections with expert guidance. This community helps you to breakthrough relationship cycles and propels you toward meaningful connections aligned with your authentic self.

Have You Ever Felt...
 The suffocating weight of the unknown, making you doubt your value, while you long for a genuine connection or opportunity that seems just out of reach? 

If you've experienced distrust, the anxiety of facing the unknown, a feeling of being inadequately supported and undervalued, all while desiring a meaningful partnership and recognizing the importance of resolving past relationship wounds, know that you are not alone.

The Feminine Way Membership Community acknowledges these challenges, and is here as a guide in your transformative story – you embracing the empowering path of the feminine instead of fear.

Membership Perks

  • Monthly LIVE Masterclasses: Dive into transformative sessions, with Relationship & Empowerment Coach Brittany Rose Green, in self-confidence, intuition, and relationships.

  • Access Exclusive Events & Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded women through virtual retreats and live Q&A sessions.

  • Curated Resource Library: Access a treasure trove of guided meditations, articles, and insights for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

  • Supportive Community Forum: Engage in meaningful conversations, share experiences, and build connections.

  • Daily Inspiration: Engaging and inspiring posts, designed to activate you and keep your feminine energy at the top of your mind throughout your week.

  • Weekly Journal Prompts & Discussions: Activate your intuition through transformative journal prompts to help you process what you learn inside our community.

When Healed, Your Feminine Is...


Aligned Action💫 

💫Intuitive Power




💫Beauty Incarnate 







Empower Her with us inside The Feminine Way

What's Included In Your $77/month membership fee

You get a community PLUS all of these previously recorded workshops ALL included in one monthly payment


  • What if I am already in a relationship but I still need support?

    You will find great benefit from this community, as you will learn how to step into your confidence, ask for what you need, and set better boundaries. Nevertheless, in a relationship dynamic there is always another person involved. So if you notice that your partner isn't growing with you at the rate you need, then I suggest following up what you are learning her with some couple's coaching. For that you can just email me at [email protected].

  • Does this include 1-1 coaching?

    This particular offer does not have 1-1 coaching included; however, you can schedule a free consultation call with me to see what 1-1 coaching would look like. Those who are apart of my 1-1 programs get this member community included in their package. For inquires just email me at [email protected]

  • Can I cancel at anytime?

    Absolutely! However, by signing up for this partnership, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you stay for a minimum of 3 months to see the results you desire. And to cancel you just need to email me, and we will get that taken care of so you do not continue to get charged. [email protected]

  • Is there an app?

    Yes! Once you purchase your membership, and head on over to the Love Alchemy community portal, you will be given a direct link to download the app. The app is still in beta testing by Thinkific (this hosting website) and so there are a few components, like the events calendar that are not yet available on the app. Nevertheless, if you choose to sign up for one of the live events via the full browser, then you will receive email reminders.

  • What does the community look like?

    It has a similar feel and flow like Facebook. You can tag a person, and share posts. There are also "spaces" that are dedicated to different topics like: Announcements, Questions, Encouragement, Celebrations, Challenges. As the facilitator, I will make sure to come through to answer your questions within 24 hours of you posting them. (Saturdays excluded) So make sure to post your community questions 24 hours before your date if you want expert advice. Nevertheless, the intention of this is community support- it takes a village right!?- so the other women give you some support if you need in the moment help, just like you would do for them if they needed too. This community is meant to be a virtual framily (friend who are like family).

What The Ladies Have To Say...

I can't thank you enough


Before finding GETitOUT, I've given up on therapists. I spent a lot of time and money, without any feedback about why I chose narcs as partners, why I feel stuck and depressed. . . then out of nowhere comes GETitOUT. I feel fearless and powerful! I believe in myself and the program and the Universe. I am so excited to see what's in store. I can't thank you, Brittany, enough!

So Grateful


I am so glad that the universe connected me with the right person. I never did coaching before, I can say this was the best experience of my life. Working with Brittany was great! She guided my journey to a more peaceful life. She has so much knowledge and great tools we can easily follow. I strongly recommend working with her. You don't have to be stuck, there is always help, and Brittany knows just how to do that.

Get In On This


I absolutely without a doubt encourage everyone to get in on this! Brittany is so awesome and amazing in her teachings- understandings all that and more- amen! A true blessing indeed.

You are a blessing


You are the most genuine coach I've ever had. You listen, you tell me what I'm avoiding saying out loud, you make me step out in fear and face what I've been hiding for years. I am excited for what we accomplish together and excited for what God has next. You are a blessing!

Life Changing


Brittany is amazing. In just a few weeks she helped me change my life in significant ways and work through experiences from my past that I didn’t even realize were holding me back. I can’t recommend her enough!!

This Work Is Significant


Brittany's work is life changing and essential to self-exploration. Her ability to tap in and help you uncover what's at the core of your blockers in love, life, and beyond is incredibly unlocking. Her methods make you feel so seen, heard, and understood and by working with Brittany, the progress you'll see is real. Her approach is empathetic, personable, and intelligent. The growth I've experienced through working with Brittany is significant and impacts all parts of my life.

Highly Recommended


Working with Brittany has been life changing. She’s the best I highly recommend!

Get To Know The Coach

Owner/Founder Brittany Green

Brittany is a relationship expert who specializes in empowering men and women to break the cycle of toxic and unhealthy relationships. After working with couples and individuals for years in her therapy practice she realized that some people fall into the trap of choosing the same types of partners over and over again because of a series of limiting beliefs and un-healed patterns. This inevitably causes a huge disconnection and a drop in relationship satisfaction. Her programs have been created to uncover these patterns, shift these limiting beliefs, and help her clients get crystal clear about what type of relationship they want as well as what they want from life- without settling for less. She has been featured on several podcast, hosts in-person retreats, shares classes and workshops both live and pre-recorded, and continues to seek out ways to support her community as best and as often as she can! Her clients report that she is authentic, down to earth, and intuitive, but also no BS when it comes to saying how to get from A to B in record time. She wants her clients to have the best results possible, and the most important component of this journey is trust in the coaching client relationship!

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